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Consolidating and de-duping the libraries would be worth it. One worry I had was how to make sure I got hold of all the originals from i Photo.Due to the aforementioned space constraint I couldn't just export all the photos and thus create new copies. i Photo stores its originals in a Masters directory, along parallel directories for Previews and Thumbnails.To consolidate you must have double the hard drive space available that your library takes if your library takes 12 GB of space, to consolidate you will temporarily need 12 *free* GB available.This explains how I consolidated & de-duped about 45,000 pictures and movies from four i Photo libraries on two different machines and various directories full of images on USB drives into one 33,000 file library.We had about 25,000 photos in one library from a previous (unsuccessful) attempt at consolidating libraries.

I also made the program create a log file containing the location of each file and its MD5 hash so I could find out how many files were processed and how many duplicates were found.

I wrote a simple program to iterate over all image & movie files in a directory and create a copy of each named after the MD5 hash of its content.

Thus files whose content were identical, but had different names, would now end up with the same name.

Hello and thanks for the post about your i Photo consolidation and de-duping. We have three Apple laptops (two Mac Books from 20) and a new Macbook Pro Retina. (Without the quotes.) You then run the script like so: . The product is just a big folder of files, which will have to imported into a new library.

All metadata (faces, etc) will have to attached again.

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In this HD Voice tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 we learn how to use the new Library Consolidate / Consolidation tool in order to gather all associated media for a Project / Library so that it is self-contained and ready for archive / archiving / archivable.

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